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Private music lessons

Stringstastic offers physical face-to-face and online private music and music theory tuition on a range of instruments, delivered by our dynamic and experienced tutors. We know that each student has particular areas of interest and believe that each student can find the perfect fit for their learning.

Read below for our package details, and get in touch to see how we can help you along your musical journey.

Enrolments are open on a range of instruments. Contact us to get the process started!

Online Lessons

All our teachers are qualified and well accredited with years of experience in their instrument and online teaching. 
Lessons run from 30 - 60 minutes via Zoom or

We provide supporting documents and notes where needed after each session.

Online Music Lesson
Guitar Lessons

Physical Lessons

Our physical lessons are held at our studio in NSW. 

Packages are purchased and run per term, within NSW school term dates and on NSW (AEDT) time, albeit for students all across Australia

Teaching Mentorship

Our Teaching Mentorship is a yearly subscription where teachers learn how to improve their teaching skills with the guidance of our teachers.

Online Teacher
Music Class

Theory & Composition Camps for Kids

Our theory & composition camps held a few times a year at our studio and online.

These camps are designed to build a strong foundation of the fundamental of music theory, and teaching students how to use their knowledge of music theory onto their instrument through solo and group work, performances and composition.

We help bring out the confidence of each child through fun, games and performance.